About our schools

The educational system in the kingdom witnessed prominent development and unpredictable gesture in the kindergarten grade in the recent years after the studies approved the importance of this grade in acquired knowledge, skills and different experience.

So Intilakah School was the initiative in this field with its idea and its extended branches in Riyadh city neighborhood.al Intilakah School established in 2009 with five branches distributed on riyadh city neighborhood under a series of al intilakah school to establish other branches in the region of our beloved country. We started together with an artist feather in each hand so our colors were blended, created a magnificent painting with anise spectral colors. This journey is leaded by a specialized teachers, administrators and educational in a kindergarten field learnt the art of human creation. And parents who improved their sons tour, so their efforts are integrated and produce a fruitful effort and distinguished achievements for our kids level with the compassion of god.

Intilaka schools

Intilaka schools for early education and kindergarten grade from age(3-5)years one of tadrees schools company.

what characterized us?

unique educational
services and care
learning by playing,
enjoying and joyful
high quality distinctive
curricula and programs
a limited number of
children in each group
high qualification
educational staff
continuous training and
development for our staff
distinct learning and
educational environment
branches spreaded through
our distinct identity

our goals

  • Create and prepare safe and organized environment both financially and socially supportive and stimulating the growth process for the child.

  • Intreset in different aspect for the child growth and enrich these aspect.

  • Exclutivity to provide a distinctive model in environment,content and director for kindergarten.

  • The development of child skills and let him to gain different experience with the preservation of our religious identity and islamic belief.

our mission

to empower our child to creation and acquiring knowledge in asafe and joyable environment to prepare them for successful future.

our values

responsibility, descreting, caring, pridde, high quality.

our vision

the leader ship of early childhood education.

Our ambitions

intilaka kindergarten is an idea followed by study.a dream comes true, a leaps of growth and development reflect the meaning of intilaka kindergarten logo.we launched after god blessing,now emulate the finest and best kindergarten committed to quality standard and level of excellence in performance and output and constant search for renewal and development and spreading ,asking god success and reliable to that which is good for our kids.

Administrative structures

Our curricula and languages

Studies have shown that 80% of human intelligence is formed in early childhood. and study the foundation of natural science and mathematics support the human success and the economic status for him in the future.therefore we dedicate special care for the curricula that are provided to our children from plans, formulating objectives, building concepts by a supervision team of natural science.we find our children are practicing :addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, skip counting, applying graphs, measurement in unit of capacity, length, read fraction sand know the four directions, talk about natural phenomena and earth rotation and the names of planets, formulating sentences, linguistic structures in away that combines learning, fun and playing.
To mimic the minds of a generation of progress and technology with a high skilled concepts, moving them from the world of perceived to abstract in fun and interesting way. through special curricula of our schools that accredited by the ministry of education.studies have shown that children are easily learn and acquired languages before the age of six. intilaka school launch to support and enrich our children mother language by offering a curriculum in which children offering acurriculum in which children were able to distinguish pronouns, prepositions and distenes, tanwin(final post nasalized or long vowels)in addition to distinguish the sound of the letters with diacritics extensions. as we accredited a rich and balanced curricula capable to broaden the child capability and enter him into well known spaces in English language followed and supervised by a competent native English persons.