Riyadh Intilaka Schools is unique by providing a distinguished model in the environment, content, and outputs of kindergartens.

Leading early education.

Enabling our children to create and teach in a safe and enjoyable family environment to prepare them for a promising future.

Responsibility, excellence, attention, pride, and quality.

Our Goal

  • Paying attention to and enriching various aspects of the child’s development.
  • Developing the child’s skills and providing various experiences while preserving our religious identity and Islamic faith.
  • Creating and preparing an organized and safe environment, physically and socially supportive and simulating the growth prosses of the child.
  • Uniqueness by providing a distinguished model in the environment, content, and outputs for children.

Our Ambitions

Riyadh Intilaka is an idea followed by a study, a dream that has become a reality, and leaps of growth and development embodying the meaning of the slogan of Riyadh Intilaka. We set off and here we are imitating the finest and the most sophisticated kindergarten, committed to quality standards, and a distinguished level of performance and outcomes, and a constant quest for renewal, development, expansion, and spread. We ask God for success and payment for what is good and beneficial for our children.


In recent years, education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been witnessing remarkable development and an unprecedented trend for the kindergarten stage. After studies have proven the importance of this age stage in acquiring information, skills, and various experiences, the schools of Riyadh Intilaka with their idea and branches spread in the neighborhoods of Riyadh – the forerunner in this area.
Riyadh Intilaka Schools was established in 2009, with an ambitious program that aims to open several branches in the regions of our dear homeland. We set off and in the hands us a brush of an artist, so our colors blended to form a painting in the colors of the beautiful spectrum, in which the march is led by administrators, educators, and teachers specialized in the field of childhood who mastered the art of human industry, and parents who strengthened the march of their children, so united efforts and resulted in distinguished achievements and outputs and wonderful levels.

Curriculum Information

Studies have shown that 80% of human intelligence is formed in early childhood and that the study of the foundations of natural sciences and mathematics supports human success in the future and affects economic income. Therefore, we have given an enrichment curriculum that provides our children with special attention from developing plans, formulating goals, and building concepts by a team of supervision (natural sciences). We find our children doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, skip counting, executing graphs, measuring in units of amplitude and length, reading fractions, knowing the four directions, talking about natural phenomena, the rotation of the Earth, the names of the planets, and formulating sentences and linguistic structures in a way that combined learning, fun and play to simulate the minds of the generation of progress and technology with highly skilled concepts that move them from the world of the abstract in fun and interesting ways. Through curriculum specific to our schools and approved by the Ministry of Education.
Studies have shown that the child is easy to learn languages and acquire them before the age of six, so we seek in Riyadh Intilaka to support and enrich the mother tongue by providing a curriculum through which our children can distinguish between the pronouns of the speaker and the names of the sign and interrogative tools and prepositions and intensity and tanween in addition to distinguishing the sounds of letters with stretches and movements and reading and writing words. We also have adopted a rich and balanced educational curriculum that ensures expanding the child’s perceptions and introducing him to the knowledge spaces in English with the follow-up and supervision of English language specialists.

Canvas System

Canvas system is a unique e-learning system, and it is one of the systems applied in schools by providing an interactive learning environment within the school with the use of all technology capabilities.

Why Choose Our School

International, Trilingual Curriculum

Recognition and Achievements

Experienced and Qualified Faculty

Quality Life

Cultural and Artistic Expression

Diverse Activities

Modern Teaching Methods

Ongoing Support